3709 SE Gladstone St. 
Portland, Oregon
We carry feed from:

  • Union Mills, Mulino, OR
    - Complete Lay Pellets and 
      Crumbles, 25 and 50lb bags
    - 2-Grain Scratch, 25lb bags

  • Big Sky  Fort Benton, MT                                                       -Organic Layer Mash, 50lb 

  •   Buxton, Banks, OR
  • Layer Pellet, No Soy, No Corn          
  •  and No GMOs   50lb bags                           
  • Payback, Sioux Falls, SD
    - Organic Layer Pellets, 50lbs
    - Organic Chick Starter, 50lbs
    - 5-grain Scratch, 50lbs

Other supplies: 
  • Pine shavings 
  • Bulk oyster shell 
  • Bulk 5-grain scratch (Union Mills)
  • Bulk grit
  • All Natural Egg Cleanser
  • Little Giant brand metal and plastic feeders for chicks and full grown 
  • Chicken Ware brand plastic hanging feeder and waterer
  • Lixit brand reversible base feeder or waterer
  • Keep Chickens!, Barbara Kilarski
  • Building Chicken Coops, a Storey Country Wisdom Bulletin, Gail Damerow
>Chicken Keeping