3327 SE 50th Ave. 
Portland, Oregon
> Houseplants &       Terrariums
We have a selection of tropicals, airplants (tillandsia), succulents, and cacti from:

  • Yaquina Nursery, Yachats, Oregon
  • Weber’s Wholesale, Portland, Oregon
  • Little Prince of Oregon, Aurora, Oregon
  • Fothergills Tropicals, Sandy, Oregon
  • Orchid Tropical Nursery, Mulino, Oregon
  • Potted Elephant, Oregon City, OR

Our terrarium supplies include:

  • Glass containers of all shapes and sizes
  • Decorative sand
  • Decorative stones
  • Shells
  • Deer moss in several colors
  • Black Gold charcoal
  • Black Gold bonsai mix potting soil
  • Black Gold cactus mix potting soil
  • Spray bottles for misting

We also have a variety of small decorative containers for houseplants.